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cozinha querido mudei a casa
2022 - 07 - 27 - Projects

…MN 807 B The sink as the “special piece” The Composite 116 Nero sink is part of the RODI Composite range, which offers a set of sinks that stand out…

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2020 - 03 - 15 - Tips & Tricks

…we recommend materials such as stainless steel, composite, PVD or glass, that can be easily integrated into the available space. Choosing the material for the sink depends mainly on factors…

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2020 - 07 - 20 - Tips & Tricks

…ones, the Composite 84 model, from the RODI LIGHT collection, presents only one vat with the possibility to pick the finishings that best defines it. It is elegant for under-mount…

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2022 - 02 - 23 - Tips & Tricks

…anti-flooding system positioned at the central area of the sink top. For those who like to have a black and white kitchen, this is the ideal sink The Composite 100…

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