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At Rodi, we are concerned that our solutions have a set of accessories/complements that will facilitate your daily tasks.
Focused on elegant, innovative and distinctive outlines, RODI ELITE sinks set the perfect match of quality and design, highlighting any kitchen. Produced only with premium grade brushed steel, RODI achieves excellence in this impressive product range, appealing to wider markets of highest quality demands.
Single pressed stainless steel sinks of simple and useful installation. Durable and modern “granite” sinks. A wide range of stainless steel sinks available in not Polished and Polished. The optimization of two modern pressing lines ensures consistent production and capacitates RODI to produce over 750.000 units yearly. This collection is complemented with a range of Composite sinks, with a high content of quartz included, high resistance to thermal shock, breaks, and scratches.
Versatile and current lines. Additional functionality is enhanced by a large variety of custom made accessories. Deep-drawn seamless bowls, welded on solid constructed drainer designs - EVOLUTION/URBAN/PLUS range - offer a product of high resistance, ensuring durability that will stand up to the demand of daily usage. Single Bowls of generous depth, which can be mixed and matched together in different sizes, featuring both stylish and functional integration in the worktop.

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2020 - 06 - 15 - Tips & Tricks

A functional kitchen is practical and simplifies the process of cooking, adapting to each user’s needs. In addition to its organization and frequent cleaning, the facilitation of processes generates time savings, and more opportunities to innovate and create distinct-flavoured dishes.

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2020 - 05 - 06 - Tips & Tricks

In the rush of daily life, many of us neglect to drink water. Now that you’re home, is this a good time to improve this habit?

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2020 - 04 - 22 - Tips & Tricks

In quarantine, social isolation, home office or at “regular” work, this phase can be a moment to rethinking the concept of a family healthy nutrition.

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