RODI was acquired by the present Administration.

Production centered in the manufacturing of 2 wheel vehicles accessories: mud-guards, chain carters, fuel tanks, etc...


High investiments to build a fully equipped high-end technology factory to produce kitchen sinks, what pushed RODI into success.


Beginning of stainless steel sinks production, becoming a pioneer in the stamping of 2 bowl sinks with no welding.

First exports, mainly to the spanish market.


National market leader on the production and commercialization of stainless steel sinks.

Implemented in International markets such as European Union, Central and South America and East Europe.

Technology, Innovation, Quality and Design synonym, presenting a wide variety of products for different solutions and installation applications.
RODI SINKS AND IDEAS, S.A. It is located at Eixo, Aveiro. It´s an industrial metallurgical company, which main business is to produce and commercialize stainless steel sinks. FIND US

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